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Post by Kyon'ichii on Tue Dec 18, 2007 10:49 pm

Prism Ark Prism
Prism Ark
Studio: Front Line
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Information Links: ANN Entry, Animesuki Thread
Premiers October 7th
The sequel to Prism Heart (never adapted), this takes place years later when knight in training Hyaweh travels to a school for mages and their knights. His ‘peaceful’ training is soon interrupted by a devestating war and the revival of ancient machines of annihilation.

Anime yang meskipun aku trus donlot tapi masih baru nonton ep 1nya... Prism Ark 547135

sehubung pernah ada tragedi parah karena OSA fansub.... Prism Ark 873222

yah walaupun baru nonton ep 1 doank tapi aku dah bisa merasa karena anime ini akan cukup menarik Prism Ark 383281 (memang didasari dari galge berjudul sama yang cukup terkenal sich)

Prism Ark 12ka9
"Ryou...the one I like is your sister....."
"I like Kyou...."
"I like you...."
"I also like you, Tomoya."
"I've always... liked you, Tomoya."

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